Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources


Homeowners, are you looking to tap into alternative energy sources?

Directory of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources provides listings of companies specializing in the supply and installation of equipment that can harness energy by tapping into renewable energy sources including solar, wind, hydrogen fuel and hydro energy derived from the energy generated by tidal waves, geothermal energy from within the depths of the earth, and ground source energy used for heating and cooling of our homes.

Solar Energy and PV Solar Panels

Solar Energy can be harnessed by means of crystalline solar panels, and photovoltaic solar laminates, and transformed into usable electric energy by means of inverter. Solar panel kits can be obtained and installed as a grid tie system that gives off any excess electricity back to the electric grid, which earns you credits, and as a stand alone off grid system that stores excess energy in batteries and accumulators.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Energy can also be used to obtain hot water, which can be used for heating of your home, and for warming up/heating a running hot water in your home.

Solar Energy for Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Solar Energy can also be harnessed, converted to electricity, and used as a fuel source for plug-in cars and electric vehicles.

Federal and State Solar Panel Rebates

Federal and many state governments provide generous tax credits and solar rebates, which we will cover in more detail on this site. But, just to give you an idea, consider that in the state of Florida, you can get up to 50% back in solar energy rebates for the installation of solar power system. Add a 30% federal tax rebate, and increase in the value of your property as well as ongoing energy saving, and it becomes quite clear that renewable energy systems can be a great investment in your home.

Solar Metal Roofing Systems

I will also show you how to dial up a notch the energy efficiency of your home by installing an Energy Star metal roofing system in combination with a roof integrated PV solar power system. An energy efficient and long lasting metal roof will provide great protection and help reduce your cooling costs, while a solar roof system will help generate electric energy derived from the power of the sun. Thus, you will be saving money on your cooling costs, and on your electric bill at the same time.

A Rapid Growth of Renewable Energy Technology

Renewable Energy Technology is becoming more widely available and affordable to regular homeowners and small businesses, as states and local municipalities step up their renewable energy programs to help homeowners and businesses offset high costs of initial investment into renewable energy generating systems.

Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources Directory

You will find your local solar power system installers, and suppliers of small wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal and renewable energy systems in our alternative energy directory.

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